Recent research by the British Dental Health Foundation and Invisalign shows that one in four people in the UK are unhappy with their teeth. In fact, up to 70% of us are so unhappy with our teeth that we avoid smiling in photographs all together!

This doesn’t come as much of a surprise though- when you consider that the smile is one of the features we most notice and remember about someone when we first meet them. Likewise, our own smile will give an instant (and long-term) impression of us to someone else.

In our modern times, with constant access to social media and the internet, we are bombarded with pictures of stunning celebrities and their perfect smiles. It’s no wonder then that many of us can feel self-conscious about our own teeth.

Whether they are crooked or misaligned, stained and discoloured, missing or overcrowded the list of desired improvements is endless and varied.

Luckily, modern dentistry means that a healthy looking and attractive smile is now a possibility for everyone- regardless of your age or the condition of your existing teeth. We offer our patients a wide range of cosmetic treatments to help in your pursuit of the smile you truly desire.

The benefits of a sparkling, straight and healthy looking smile are obvious to see but the changes in personal self-confidence can also be dramatic. The replacement of missing teeth and orthodontic straightening can also greatly improve your overall oral health- dramatically cutting your risks of tooth decay, gum disease and bad breath.

A smile makeover can be subtle or dramatic. Tooth whitening is one of the most simple and quick ways to give your smile a new look. The replacement of amalgam fillings with tooth coloured composite can also dramatically freshen the look of your mouth. One or more broken teeth can be successfully replaced to restore look and function, whilst crooked and misaligned teeth can be quickly straightened with a variety of braces and aligners- even if teeth require significant movement.

Many of our cosmetic treatments are more comfortable than expected with modern braces now very discreet- some are even invisible! Bespoke treatments can be planned in advance giving greatly reduced treatment times and making them more cost-effective.

Whatever you’d like to change or improve, don’t just assume it isn’t possible. The right treatment really is there for everyone.
Call us today to book a consultation and find out how we can help you make your dream smile a reality.

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Tooth Whitening



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Studies show that our smile is one of the most noticed and remembered features when we meet someone new. In this era of social media and constant celebrity selfies, it’s easy to understand why! Luckily, modern dentistry means that a bright and confident smile is now an accessible and affordable luxury for everyone.

With a range of easy, comfortable and convenient treatments available don’t feel the need to hide your teeth- smile confidently and give them something to remember!

Tooth whitening is a quick and safe way to refresh and transform your smile- resulting in a healthy and more youthful appearance.
Treatment is pain-free and convenient and results can be seen from the first application.



Over time, our teeth naturally start to discolour- unfortunately, this is a part of the ageing process- and it happens to everyone.

There are a number of reasons for this- often it is simply down to lifestyle and the effects of consuming dark food and drink items (coffee, tea, red wine and berries) over long periods of time.

Activities such as smoking stain the teeth from white to more of a yellow or grey. Darkening of the teeth can also be caused by damage to a tooth or the long-term use of certain medications.

No matter how well you look after your teeth it is impossible to stop this colour change- because stains build on the inside, as well as on the outside, of the teeth. Therefore, no amount of brushing or scaling and polishing by the hygienist will stop it.



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There are a variety of products available- some are provided in surgery, while others can be supplied as handy ‘home-use’ kits.

We do not currently offer chairside whitening procedures as currently, the result is superior with at home whitening. We keep abreast of developments in this field and will continue to offer the best to our patients

Home whitening kits can be supplied to you for use at your convenience. In order to do this, impressions of your teeth will be taken and a special tray will be made. You will be instructed on how to use a bleaching gel in the tooth tray and will need to wear it regularly over a period of several weeks.



Tooth whitening is safe and suitable for use on the majority of people. It is normally possible to remove stains from most teeth- even those that are considered dead due to root damage.
Teeth with particularly bad staining as a result of tetracycline or fluorosis may not respond to treatment- or may require several doses.

Prosthetic devices such as crowns, fillings, dentures and bridges can’t be whitened. However, they can be replaced to match your new teeth, at an additional charge.

Treatment should be pain-free although you may notice a slight increase in sensitivity of the teeth and gums which should improve once treatment is finished.



Yes, when performed by a qualified dental health professional tooth whitening is safe. You should avoid the use of home kits which can be bought easily online. Also, you should never have your teeth whitened in beauty salons or hairdressing salons. Such treatments are unregulated and could result in long-term damage to your teeth and gums.

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A dental veneer is a simple, comfortable and quick way to transform the look of a tooth that you might not be particularly happy with. For example, it may be damaged, stained or twisted.
A veneer can also be used to help protect the surface of a tooth from further damage.

Veneers can give a subtle or highly noticeable change- helping to improve the size, shape, colour and position of one or more teeth. They are very natural looking allowing you to gain a beautiful looking smile with the minimum of fuss.

A dental veneer is a very thin layer of a man-made material which is attached to the front surface of a tooth. They are most often used on the front upper and lower teeth. Usually, they are made from ceramic, porcelain or composite. The process is quick, painless and requires very little preparation time.

There are many different brands and materials you may come across when researching veneers. Commonly you may hear of brands such as MacveneersLumineersDa Vinci veneersthese are all trade names and tied to specific labs. Please don’t worry about what you require. We are not tied to a specific lab and we can offer you the material and laboratory that we feel is most appropriate for your clinical requirements, suitability and budget.


It usually takes around 2 appointments to fit a veneer. This is likely to be longer if you require several veneers.

We will need to prepare your existing tooth by removing a tiny amount of enamel. This creates space for the veneer to sit flush with the existing teeth.

When the tooth is ready, we will take an impression so that we can custom make your new veneer. The colour of your veneer will also be considered using a colour match chart.

When your brand new veneer is ready (around a week later) it can be attached to your old tooth. Firstly we will check it for fit, size and colour. Once we are sure it looks perfect we will slightly abrade the front surface of your old tooth- to help the veneer stick securely- and then attach it with a dental adhesive.


Veneers are made from strong and durable materials so they have the potential to last for many years. Despite this, it’s important to take care of your veneer as it can be easily damaged.

Hard foods (such as ice or bones) could break your veneers, while habits such as biting your fingernails could all potentially knock them loose.

If you do notice any problems with your veneer at any time please contact us straight away.